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Alternating Current Field Measurement 

ACFM is an electromagnetic technique for detecting and sizing surface breaking defects in metals.

ACFM is particularly suited for inspecting painted and/or welded structures. An ACFM sensor probe is placed on the surface to be inspected and an alternating current is induced into the surface. When no defects are present the alternating current produces a uniform magnetic field above the surface.

Any defect present will perturb the current forcing it to flow around and underneath the defect; this causes the magnetic field to become non-uniform and sensors in the ACFM probe measure these field variations. Two components of this magnetic field are measured - one provides information about the depth or aspect ratio of the defect(s), the other provides information on the positions of the ends of each defect. The two signals are used together to confirm the presence of a defect and, together with a sizing algorithm, measure its length and depth.

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